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Class Memories From 1962

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Before I even begin this, there's something I need to say. I apologize to those I leave unmentioned and to the innocent included in this rendering of a vague memory.
I chose Funny Stories for this because Pranks require planning, and this tale had no planning at all. Trust me, this was a series of comedic, off-the-wall tragedies that cascaded toward a seemingly disastrous conclusion. There were high hopes initialy, but God, we were soooo naive.

It was summertime with nothing to do. (GASP!..In Holbrook? Tell me it ain't so.) Me and a couple of my buddies were cruising around with Neil Young in his '59 Impala. Anyway, my buddies had to be Jack Young and probably John Howell. (There was certainly another, but...?)

We found ourselves at Snowflake High School parked right by the plate steel cutout of their Lobo logo.(Ha! Pun fun!) There was nobody around. Someone said, "We ought to steal this thing for Homecoming next year." We stood silently, noting that the lobo was hanging in a inverted steel pipe frame from 4 chains. Neil said, "I have bolt cutters in the trunk". (I ask you, who the hell rides around with bolt cutters in the trunk?) After tying down the trunk lid over the Lobo that protruded out a foot or two, we left pipes framing empty chains....*note ~there's a very good chance we actually set out to steal the Lobo in the first place(?).... We initialy hid it at an abandoned motel east of Holbrook, soon to be moved to the shed in my backyard on W Buffalo St. After swearing one another to complete secrecy, we went on to our next adventure. Which for me was girls and beer. It took maybe two weeks before I started hearing, "somebody stole the mascot from Snowflake...I heard it was Showlow...St.Johns...Oh-no...Winslow!" From my prospective I heard a number of names mentioned, never mine. I began to suspect that my name was at the center of the debate....

and, I was right....! The second day of school, I was called to the office first thing, alone. The gist of that was, did I think I could somehow recover the allegedly stolen Lobo and return it to Snowflake? Running was never an option, where could I hide, and why? Busted in a covert sort of way. I thought, what's going on here? Something's not right, just return and rehang the damn thing? Oh well, how hard could it be?

Mr Dillon, (Principal), said to take whomever I pleased, gave me a voucher for replacement chain links, come back when you're done, blah, blah, blah! So, I think It was Me, Jack, John, Larry Crowther and Levi Whitley. I could be wrong here, it's been a long time. So, after swinging by to retrieve the Lobo and a visit to the hardware store, we went to Snowflake in Jacks '55 Chevy. While we were rehanging the Lobo, the students noticed the activity and started to crowd about the area. The comments ran from confused, "I didn't even know it was gone", to pleased, "thanks for returning it", to, (spoken with passion), "we're gonna kick your F***n' ass'." Intemperate criticism mounted as we got it hung and attempted an escape. Right then someone came and invited us to the office, wherein the Principal called a general assembly, and invited our statements to the entire Student Body. At that moment I could imagine Mr Dillon and this character plotting our humiliating fate. We were not only afraid for our safety, but now I was sort of pissed off. I realized now why the mild manner from Mr. Dillon. So, what followed was vagary to the extreme, thus proving my penchant to caprice.

There was never any question who our spokesman was to be, and I found myself on center stage with the Principal, facing the entire Snowflake Student Body...with my four very quiet buddies, center, front row. Remember vagary and caprice?

I proceeded to lie-my-ass-off, telling them exactly what I was sure they wanted, and we needed, them to hear. That, as I spoke, the HHS students responsible were being punished to the limits of conscience and law. The more I talked, the lower in their seats Jack, John, Larry and Levi slid until they disappeared from my line of sight. At which point I glanced at the Principal, and I could tell....he was not pleased. The Student Body cheered, whistled, clapped, and stomped their feet in approval. So we made our escape, laughing irrationaly on our way home. Dillon was furious! I paid yet another visit to (Superintendent) Starr's office, where I explained we feared for our safety and didn't dare admit or intimate we had a personal hand in taking their precious Lobo.

I recieved a suspended sentence with the admonition, "We're watching you!"
In the end this was the perfect example of a "Shot at and missed...Shit at and hit" adventure. *notes* ~I decided to write this after learning this incident is allegedly, after all this time, a legend at HHS.
** ~I realized while writing this that there's no way I could distill a memory this dim and expect 190 proof. It is a tongue-in-cheek and grain-of-salt tale that is as accurate as I can render alone. FYI: Snowflake has a newer High School and this Lobo is no longer there. If it still exists, it's most likely gathering dust in a dark and lonely place. So sad if it is!
Funny Stories Posted: 03/14/2010
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Ahhhhh...Mr Savage, my hero! My main memory is of those see-through shirts he wore. His pack of Lucky Strikes with the red bullsye plain to see. And he smelled of tobacco, like he just went on a smoke break or bathed in nicotine. Then there was the day he gave us a test on an assignment we'd had to read. Everybody failed but one. And it was no surprise that she not only passed, but with an A. (I can't think of her name, but of course it'll come to me later after I post this.) Anyway, that pissed me off since we hadn't covered the material in class, and he announced it would count towards our final grade. Soooo, I went to the office with the not-too-bright idea to complain. As I stood there explaining the situation to Mr Dillon, (Principal), I was thinking, wtf man - are you insane? Anyway, Dillon made Savage give us instruction in class and retest us. And yeah, Savage rode me hard for the rest of the year. It was his classes where that proverbial light bulb clicked on, and the functions of grometry, algebra and trigonometry all came together and made sense in a practical manner, as it were an epiphany .
Teachers Posted: 03/14/2010
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Then there's Mr Clark! OMG, Business and Typing...and Mr Clark! He was nothing remotely like the Alpha personalities a lot of the teachers projected. (Mrs Dillon or Virginia Probst?) Clark was sneaky and his bad breath memorable. I learned to type 45 wpm which was cool, though unexpected. And he had that semester-long bookkeeping project we all had to do. I'm thinking he was under the illusion that none of us had any other homework to do but his. I found a solution for that and copied the answer book as soon and quickly as possible. He made that easy by showing the book to the class, and then storing it in his desk. I copied the answer book when it was apparent the project was going to demand more time than I could devote.(I was surprised by some who covertly asked to use my copy) Anyway, Mr Clark and me had our final falling-out when I got tired of watching him oogle the girls' boobs whenever they asked for some help. Gloria Heward asked that dark day, and he threw a book and attacked me when I called him on it. Mr Dillon caught me hauling him down the stairs in a necklock, and everybody in the school may have heard that exchange. It all turned out well as could be, Clark suspended for a while and I paid a visit to Starrs office. I skated yet again, with no sanctions. I was beginning to feel bullet-proof. Hey, I'm no saint but High School me for was fun. I tried not to step on too many toes or do lasting damage, or so I imagined. My brother Dennis later disabused me of that notion. I do admit to being capricious from time-to-time. FYI, Clark gave me an F for the YEAR! The office promptly changed the F to a C and issued another report card reflecting that. And, thanks to my Bro Dennis, aka the Pack Rat, I have that card today.
Teachers Posted: 03/14/2010
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'61 SPEECH and DRAMATICS class ~Mr Smalley. I'm sure he wondered what I was doing in his class when we first met. And I soon wondered the same thing. Actually it was an accident of sorts that I needed to choose a class to fill my courses for the year. Speech and Drama....sounded easy enough! Imagine my surprise when I heard we were expected to stand in front of the class and recite stuff. I was confused when I was chosen to be a member of the Jr. Class play and seriously considered trying to decline....until I read the script and learned my character got to kiss Valerie Gibbons. Jeff Hunt was deemed the best actor, Val and I got that one moment we both remember most. *I never missed rehearsal* Then there was the Speech Part. Smalley gave us the assignment of writing a speech based on the theme, "What The Constitution Means To Me". Smalley and his inquiries: "How are you people doing on your speeches?" Looking at me, "Have you even started?" So, I dredged-up the old history lessons, plagarized from newspapers, magazines and the people sitting next to me in class, and finally, (just-in-time), had a speech. I drafted and recomposed this damn thing until I wanted to puke. I wondered, "Why can't Mr Smalley and this silly speech thing go away...will it never end? My speech was declared best in class, I got an A, and with relief I thought; OK, back to normal, everything's good. But before I made my escape that day, he delayed me to say, "Keep practicing for the Regionals". I think I blurted out, "WTF are you talking about?", or something of that nature. *response* "Snowflake HS, next month. Be ready!" For this, they actually gave me a certificate. Go figure? I remember it was signed by a bunch of people I never heard of, and I was guaranteed an A for the period. IF I didn't do anything stupid, like attempting to dry-hump a classmate or...? And I did do something one could call stupid, or being completely unaware. (naive?) It never dawned on me the art of speaking in public wasn't over for me quite yet. To this day I find it incredible I didn't perceive that there was one more event, the State Finals. But I didn't! Anyway, here I was, once again up shits creek, this time essentialy without a speech. I had no clue where that final draft I'd poured so much sweat and angst in, was. Plus, logically, my memory was of no help what-so-ever. I cobbled together something similar to the original speech, but it lacked the flavor. We drove to Phoenix early on a Saturday morning. There wasn't much conversation. Mr Smalley knew what was troubling me and left me in peace. Before my turn, I threw that adapted version away. When it was my turn, I stood up and winged-it, building around a few phrases I hadn't forgotten, until they signaled time. I got 2nd place, along with the personal shame of letting my teacher and school down. Worst of all, myself. If you've gotten this far in the tale, you probably think, that I think, it's about me. Well,It isn't! It's all about learning from one's mistakes....and that being humble isn't a bad thing!
Teachers Posted: 04/07/2010

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